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The Global Diplomacy Lab had the honor of closely collaborating in The Hague Digital Diplomacy Camp “Influence and Diplomacy in a Diffuse Digital World” on February 1 and 2, 2018, in the Netherlands, along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and other international networks of global diplomacy.

The Camp followed an unconference format and was intended to serve as a platform for exchanging knowledge and ideas on digital public diplomacy, discussing the effects of digitalization on international affairs, as well as sharing practical tools and designing solutions for global challenges such as the SDGs, humanitarian aid, and climate change.

GDL Members  Blair Glencorse, János Kóka and Diego Osorio led a session on “Hacking SDG 16: Using Digital Diplomacy to Support Accountability and the Rule of Law”. This interactive workshop involved data scientists, tech-driven NGOs, leading PR and communication professionals, journalists, and civil society activists and focused on three significant questions:

· How can we ensure that rule-of-law technology tools are sustainable, both in terms of users and operations? How can we make sure that they are well integrated into the dynamic processes of digital diplomacy?

· How can we make sure that the right kind of accountability tech tools become part of regular digital diplomacy interactions, connecting diplomats with creative change-makers in communities and civil society?

· How can we find better synergies between diplomatic priorities, civic leaders, and technology tools, so that they complement one another and become part of a larger systemic approach to governance and the rule of law?

The GDL session took place at 10:30 a.m. on 2 February 2018.

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