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Cutting-Edge Networks:
Interweaving Regional Capacities for Mass Atrocity Prevention at the Local Level

GDL Incubator: 18 to 21 June 2017, Buenos Aires

The overarching goal of the 6th Global Diplomacy Lab is to examine regional networks for atrocity prevention as innovative and inclusive diplomatic solutions to a global problem which is driven and informed by local demand. The 6th Lab will answer this challenge by highlighting specifically the Latin American Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention and the African Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention as tools for atrocity prevention.

The lab will not, however, focus exclusively on the networks themselves, but will demonstrate how they act as instruments for prevention, all the while making clear the need to expand this process to the global level.

The objective of the lab will be to provide examples of existing networks and their contributions to national agendas, to push forward the growth of new networks and cross-regional coordination, as well as to offer South-South cooperation between Latin America and Africa.

The application deadline for the 6th Lab has already expired.

Learn more about the GDL Incubator and the GDL Impact:
The GDL Incubator focuses on team-building, the learning of new (diplomatic) skills and innovative methods as well as the identification of relevant questions and potential projects for members to work on and implement.

The GDL Impact in Tunis (7th Lab, 19-22 November 2017) invites GDL members to obtain policy inputs. This lab accordingly focuses on impact: participants will consult with political and diplomatic decision makers, present GDL proposals and recommendations to the public and work on common projects.