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Lab 6: Cutting-Edge Networks - Interweaving Regional Capacities for Mass Atrocity Prevention at the Local Level

GDL Incubator Lab: 18 to 21 June 2017, Buenos Aires

The overarching goal of the 6th Global Diplomacy Lab was to examine regional networks for atrocity prevention as innovative and inclusive diplomatic solutions to a global problem which is driven and informed by local demand. The 6th Lab answered this challenge by highlighting specifically the Latin American Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention and the African Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention as tools for atrocity prevention.

The lab did not, however, focus exclusively on the networks themselves, but demonstrated how they act as instruments for prevention, all the while making clear the need to expand this process to the global level.

The objective of the lab was to provide examples of existing networks and their contributions to national agendas, to push forward the growth of new networks and cross-regional coordination, as well as to offer South-South cooperation between Latin America and Africa.

Download the 6th Lab Publication: Cutting-Edge Networks: Interweaving Regional Capacities for Mass Atrocity Prevention at the Local Level

Lab 7: Memory, Truth and Justice - Museums and Memory Sites as Spaces for Mass Atrocities Prevention

GDL Impact Lab: 19 to 22 November 2017, Berlin

The overarching theme of the Global Diplomacy Lab in 2017 is genocide and mass atrocities prevention. At the 6th Lab in Buenos Aires (Incubator Lab), GDL members had the opportunity to improve their skills and develop their ideas further by addressing the complexity of the former Argentinian military dictatorship and its ongoing political and social consequences. At the 7th Lab in Berlin (Impact Lab), GDL members will add the enriching experience acquired at the Incubator Lab to their professional backgrounds, aiming to go a step further. 

In a joint endeavour with ESMA Memory Site Museum, a key Argentinian institution devoted to promoting Memory, Truth and Justice, GDL members will work on a concrete challenge that plays a relevant role in the field of diplomacy and for which ESMA Memory Site Museum is seeking creative solutions:

How can ESMA Memory Site – a former clandestine centre for detention, torture and extermination – attract mass audiences while maintaining quality and the effectiveness of its main purpose to serve as a social tool to say "Never Again"?

ESMA Memory Site Museum is an official institution dedicated to the promotion of and respect for human rights through the testimony of survivors of the acts of state terrorism committed in the building. It describes the system of repression that took place in this particular site as a starting point for discussing the national history of state terrorism during the dictatorship in Argentina between 1976 and 1983. One of the main goals of the museum is to generate awareness and to prevent mass atrocities. This prevention can only be possible if the legacy of the museum is integrated into the social history and collective memory of the country, as well as among the international community.

Download the 7th Lab Publication: Memory, Truth and Justice - Global Diplomacy Lab co-creates with the ESMA Memory Site Museum

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