Screw-you-too diplomacy

Newspaper article published in "Die Zeit" about Global Diplomacy Lab, 8 December 2016:

Du-mich-auch-Diplomatie [in German]

Screw-you-too diplomacy [English translation]


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Feminist foreign policy was an attempt of changing diplomacy but in the perspective of GDL-member Eirliani Abdul Rahman and co-author Jesse Bump the concept is too unclear and not inclusive enough. They propose a "fairer" approach.
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The need for "Creativity in Diplomacy" by collectively taking responsibility has never been as great as it is now during Putin's war in Ukraine.
The story of GDL’s strategy development
GDL developed a new strategy, titled "GDL 2025: Diplomacy 4.0". Experience the journey towards this strategy through the eyes of GDL's Knowledge Partner. The story begins in the summer of 2019, in warm and colourful Accra, Ghana.
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