Screw-you-too diplomacy

Newspaper article published in "Die Zeit" about Global Diplomacy Lab, 8 December 2016:

Du-mich-auch-Diplomatie [in German]

Screw-you-too diplomacy [English translation]


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GDL member Dominik Balthasar focuses on future scenarios and how that can foster international development by engaging in uncertain, fragile scenarios using the method of strategic foresight.
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Thirty years ago, a peace deal ended El Salvador’s bloody civil war. In a former conflict hotspot, a tourism cooperative is fighting against oblivion – and building a future. GDL member Sonja Peteranderl rode along with them.
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Eirliani Abdul Rahman is a diplomat turned activist. To raise awareness for survivors of sexual child abuse, she is setting out for an expedition to Antarctica in December. Eirliani will be documenting her inner and outer struggles as she is preparing for this trip, pulling a sled with 200 pounds in food and gear, in temperatures dipping to minus 48° Celsius.
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