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You always wanted to know more about the GDL - its underlying Strategy, Labs, Activities, Members and Partners? Then our five-part publication is just the right read for you!

Through AR elements strewn in across the publication you can gain insights into the GDL's ideas and processes directly from our members. Download the individual modules by clicking on activities, partners, members, labs, and strategy.


Coming Soon - the GDL Publication

Further Articles

GDL Peacebuilders: A Multimedia Portrait
This virtual exhibition highlights members of the GDL, working on conflict transformation.
Human Traffickers and the War in Ukraine
Eirliani Abdul Rahman speaks up about the issue of human trafficking.
First GDL Policy Brief
GDL members developed three strategic options to address urgent global challenges.
Interactive Session at Global Media Forum
How women-friendly are our cities? Are we actively thinking of all genders when we design them?
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