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In November 2014, the Global Diplomacy Lab (GDL) was founded to advance more inclusive and agile formats of diplomacy and international cooperation to deal with cross-border and global challenges. Since then, GDL has established a global ecosystem characterised by mutual accountability, respect and inclusiveness, and has delivered positive transformational change.

To maintain its effectiveness, GDL has developed a new strategy, titled "GDL 2025: Diplomacy 4.0" which you can download here (PDF, 90 KB).

The final strategy document envisions a Diplomacy 4.0 and embraces a wide variety of ideas that represent the diversity of GDL members and partners. The next step will be to operationalise and execute the strategy until 2025.

Identifying and developing this approach – building the boat while sailing – was from time to time challenging, but a valuable learning experience for all involved. The process was accompanied by the GDL Knowledge Partner, the Partnership Resource Center of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, which worked closely together with the GDL Strategy Working Group.

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